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About Us

About Us

We deem it a privilege to introduce ourselves as the manufacturer, exporter, importer and local supplier of natural Jute Bags, thus eliminating all the middle man and brokers and bringing the price at a competitive level with petrochemical counterparts. Our products are eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and ethical, which differentiates them from commonly used petrochemical alternatives.


To replace petrochemical products as far as feasible with natural products like Jute. A humble step towards saving our environment.


Our firm has a simple philosophy which guides our activities: respect for nature and mankind. This finds expression in everything we do: from the purchase of raw materials to the packing of the finished products. Each state is carefully monitored to ensure that we remain ‘eco-friendly’. We understand what you want and it is our constant Endeavour to provide all that you care for. Innovative styles, on-time sampling, complete customization, bespoken products, value for money products, timely delivery and superior quality are some givens that you can take forward.

1 Ton of plastic BAGS equals
11 barrels of oil.